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Let’s start with the pet parents…
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Planning the perfect holiday paper straws party can be tricky. So here are 5 tips for creating a holiday office party your co-workers will love!
Find an invitation style that fits the feel you want to convey. Do you want your party classy, elegant, wacky, playful...?

Try an unexpected theme. Ugly sweater parties always work, but why not try a karaoke party or holiday fiesta. Go with a theme that best fits your crowd.
ick festive foods and serve Tissue Paper Pom Poms  DIY-style
By going DIY, you can offer more choices and please more people. For example, Moe’s Southwest Grill offers a make-your-own fajita bar where people can create their own unique fajitas.
Create a hot chocolate station to add a holiday feel.
Holiday lights can transform a conference room. Shop the bargain bins at the dollar store. And if you really have no budget, add a red tablecloth (or bedsheet) and cut out a paper banner or snowflakes.
Use the office projector to screen a classic holiday movie or slideshow of company photos.
A gift exchange creates a generous feel, and no one goes home empty-handed. Food and party straws  toy drives are another feel-good option.

Music can make or break a party. If you have a co-worker who is a DJ, put him or her to work. If not, set up a playlist beforehand (ask your co-workers for requests) and stream it. You can even share your playlist after the party.
In my experience, the key to a great office holiday party is to make it feel like it's everyone's party. Find ways to get input from your co-workers. The more inclusive it is, the more fun everybody has!
I’m excited to bring you another homemade treat idea for your pup! This one was inspired by one of my own favorite game day snacks… the beloved bread pretzel.  Piles of French inspired sweets, glam cotton candy displays, scripted “Eat Me” silhouettes and playful DIY wigs are just the beginning of all the *royal* fun!
One of my favorite elements is Juliet’s signature handwritten and papercraft Christmas straws details. Using simple black marker drawings of champagne, candelabras, and strawberries she created a youthful, theme-y and playful pop. She says in her party details (read them below!), “I just wanted it to be gorgeous and opulent and over the top fun and I am so pleased with how it turned out,” and I have to agree – great job Juliet, it looks like outrageously fabulous fun!
You know how a trip to the movie theater just isn’t the same without popcorn or candy? Well, for me a trip to the stadium just isn’t the same without a warm & doughy bread pretzel. So, I thought it would be fun to create a “one for you and one for me” sort of project featuring pretzel snacks for pets AND pet parents that can be enjoyed on game day… or any day, really!

Since neither my husband or I had ever made our own bread pretzels before, we decided to go with a mix from a Christmas ornament box to make things a little easier. You still have to let the dough rise, form the pretzels, dip them in a boiling water/baking soda mixture, then bake them – so the process is a bit involved, but it’s still doable in about an hour and worth the extra effort, IMHO at least. ;)

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